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Workplace Wisdom 

Mary Schechter


When Someone Says “You Didn’t Return My Text”

Mary Schechter


We travel at light speed these days, with technology as the captain of our ship. However, even Jim of the Enterprise was known to sometimes jump too soon and too far for his own good. We do the same when we “assume” we know what “happened” when electronic signals get crossed. Think about the last time someone might have said, “…well, I left you a message” or “you did not get my call?” or “I texted you, and you did not respond.” What we all too often forget is technology is fallible. Sometimes phones and all that keeps them going just don’t work correctly.

Reminding ourselves that technology is a tool that can short circuit builds a cushion of reserve when we get ourselves all hot and bothered about being “blown off”. Be patient. Take a breath. Ask before you assume.


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