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Performance Improvement and Coaching



We never abandon the idea that each employee

has unlimited potential. We arrive ready to work with one person or

five hundred people with that core belief intact.

It is what makes us successful.

It is the reason we are remembered and called for by name,

years after we have worked with a company.


  • When we connect with our clients, it is a long-term relationship. We provide the support for short-term coaching and long-term transitions. We offer targeted performance coaching.



  • MBTI Online Assessment Service

  • DISC  Behavioral Assessments 

  • Harrison Inner View Behavioral Assessment

  • The assessments we use are world class. They provide a 91% validity/reliability for us as we work with client behavior. We offer on-line options for assessments, which minimizes your processing time and provide unparalleled convenience. Employees can take our assessments when it is convenient for them.



  • Our style gets results- we are tough, but supportive. We listen more deeply than many employees have ever been listened to before.

    We are trained to identify patterns in individual behavior, which are then connected to the larger patterns in the organization.

    Once a dysfunctional pattern is identified, we can begin the transformation - at both the individual and organizational level.

Choose From

Executive Coaching Packages

Mid-Level Management Packages

Staff-Level Packages

Customized Programs

Content Highlights

  • Competence-building sessions in critically needed interpersonal skills

  • Individual perceptions and personal accountability

  • Breakthrough communication techniques are applicable to assertiveness, corrective counseling, discipline management and team empowerment, while building trust and accountability

  • Self-restraint, the power of choice and conflict management

  • Trust, compassion and assumption-making 

  • Increased self-awareness and connection to others




  • In-person coaching sessions

  • Phone sessions /email support

  • Weekly homework to reinforce new behavior

  • Learning resources for specific issues


Harrison Inner View Assessment

  • This behavioral assessment is equivalent to a half day of psychological testing, yet only takes 40 minutes to complete.  Identifying over 76 individual traits and their corresponding patterns of interdependence, it establishes an objective model that addresses self-negating behaviors and builds essential strengths at an individual and team level



I have worked with Mary Schechter and the intuitiveorganization for over 10 years. In that time, she has facilitated performance coaching for both individuals and my teams. I have great respect for her innovation, sensitivity and interpersonal skill. She has transformed my leaders with self awareness and a renewed commitment to what is possible in the workplace. I could not recommend her more highly for your organizational needs, whether they be for troubleshooting individual performance or senior level employees. Her company is top notch!

Maria Grice


Primary Care Services

Saint Josephs Health Hospital

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