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creating workplace community

one choice at a time

Team Transformation - Intentional Community


Our approach builds the foundation to launch

Intentional Community

Through personal choice, accountability, peer-collaboration

and decision making, a charter agreement is created

by employees for self-management and optimization



Specifically, we are here to lead you to:


  • Create a culture which rewards risk-taking and courage- and rejects fear as its predominant model


  • Create behavioral consistency and reliability as an expectation, rather than an exception in this environment-  an outgrowth of Self-Mastery


  • Improve emotional intelligence, enhancing individual flexibility, wisdom and 100% accountability


  • Introduce the “6 C’s” – a behavioral model designed and managed by employees which reinforces "best behavioral practices"


  •  Use the highly researched and time tested, Harrison Inner View Assessment


  • Enhance productivity,  personal accountability, communication, decision-making, self-restraint, trust, compassion, commitment to others’ success and community responsibility


  • Integrate new behavioral “norms” (charter-behaviors)  


  • Establish and integrate Individual Development Plans to support sustained success

Image by Brett Jordan

Choose from:

On- or Off- site venues

Rhythmed for integration - take 6-8 weeks to complete the process

Half-day or full day sessions

Applicable for departmental teams, cross-functional teams, senior, mid-level or staff-level teams

Group size can range from 2 to 20 as a class


"I am amazed how participants opened up. I have worked with a lot of these people for 11 years and have never heard them be so candid"

"I felt that Mary made the atmosphere very non threatening and supportive. I personally saw that at least one person in the group had a revelation about a behavior that was unnerving to others and agreed to work toward changing it."

Our approach is non-traditional.


We focus on the person as a whole to track the connection between feelings, beliefs and expressed behavior

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