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Lorraine White 


Holding dual certifications as a Life and Business Coach (*L.I.F.E) as well as certification in Whole Person Integration, Lorraine has 40 years working for Fortune 500 companies. An award-winning member of CNYSME, she  understands what the “New Normal” needs in the workplace for success- the ability to embrace and lead 360’ degrees of an employee experience. What that means is simple - to be successful requires us to support the “whole person”.  Her no-nonsense approach has consistently created results and personal impact in the toughest situations. 

" The boundaries between personal and professional “worlds” are thinning

and it is clear we can no longer do business as we have always done it."


Her impact is knowing how to bring that new viewpoint to an organization

both from the 30,000’ position

and at the ground level.


Her partnering with leaders in small, medium and large organizations has lead them toward one thing- accomplishment. A featured strength Lorraine adds to the mix is the development of best business practices and processes, personnel training /development and planning  with diverse industry’s ranging from GTE/Verizon, Fays Corporation, Carrols Corporation and Property Restoration Inc., or as part of the Executive Dialogue initiative at the Chamber Level.

Her love and passion reside in connecting with people to establish relationships based on the client’s needs. Whether the audience is Women Leaders, tenured employees or new recruits,  she listens effectively and deeply.  She hears what is not being said, giving her the opportunity to meet individuals exactly where they are. With years of business development, sales, and marketing successes, she models a plethora of accountability, leadership, follow-through and communication expertise. Creating a seasoned contribution to any initiative whether discussion, workshops, mentoring, training and teaching opportunities, her influence is grounded in real-time wisdom, alongside humor and fun.

" I see every opportunity as a Life Lesson

to apply toward being the best I can be

personally, and professionally."

L.I.F.E. (LESSONS. INFLUENCED. FROM. EXPERIENCES) acquired on the “Stage of Life”



Lorraine White has been the most influential person in my life with helping to grow my business and at the same time grow myself.  She has a unique ability to genuinely develop relationships with people that helps both sides in life and work.  Her ability to connect and communicate with people has been amazing to watch.  I know that she will do great in the coaching world since retiring from Property Restoration, Inc.


Art Diamond


Property Restoration, Incorporated






I was introduced to Lorraine at a company breakfast in 2017. That morning, she saw potential in me. She offered me a sales position, in which I had very little knowledge or confidence to perform.
   Gently and with coaching support, Lorraine trained me one-on-one for the next 5 years. She has been a guiding light, my mentor, in my work career, as well as my personal development. There were many times she challenged me to a higher level of thinking and behaving. The outcome has taught me valuable lessons on working with others and understanding my own behavior patterns. 

    I honor Lorraine in everything she has done for me and I will always cherish the memory of our time together; a blessing unlike any other. 

Sarah H.

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