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Mary Schechter

is a Master Practioner in NLP as well as Certified in Hypnotherapy. With over 25 years experience in industry's ranging from manufacturing to education, her success as  a consultant, trainer and coach is based on one axiom: creating a fearless culture is possible when you build forward using the 6C approach (TM).

Offering on-site facilitation/training, consulting and individual coaching in the areas of employee retention, productivity, performance improvement and assessment, her specialty is leadership, team breakthroughs, and working with the "tough cases".



Lorraine White 


Holding dual certifications as a Life and Business Coach (*L.I.F.E) as well as certification in Whole Person Integration, Lorraine has 40 years working for Fortune 500 companies. An award-winning member of CNYSME, she  understands what the “New Normal” needs in the workplace for success- the ability to embrace and lead 360’ degrees of an employee experience. What that means is simple - to be successful means we see and support the “whole person”.  Her no-nonsense approach has created results and  impact in the toughest situations. 




I can’t even begin to articulate all she has done for this practice.  She began working with our senior leadership team – Harrison Inner View/ Team building.  Through the desire of the leaders, some wanted one-on-one coaching on how to be more effective leaders.  Mary was so effective in her role, we expanded services to include all levels of leadership.


Mary is outstanding at organizational development – helping leaders and staff  understand the dynamics of themselves, their work groups, outline winning strategies, development strategic initiatives, learn how to focus and prioritize and especially how to communicate with difficult coworkers. 


Mary is very bright, insightful and wise.  She understands human behavior at a level most others do not – and coupled with all this, she has a very sound understanding of business and what it takes to be successful.


 I would recommend Mary in an instant – your organization will not be the same when she is done  - she’s like a transformation guru!



Maryann Roefaro, MS, FACMPE
Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY


Lorraine White has been the most influential person in my life with helping to grow my business and at the same time grow myself.  She has a unique ability to genuinely develop relationships with people that helps both sides in life and work.  Her ability to connect and communicate with people has been amazing to watch.  I know that she will do great in the coaching world since retiring from Property Restoration, Inc.


Art Diamond


Property Restoration, Incorporated

Lorraine has been a blessing in my journey. With her guidance and support,  I have been able to release old patterns and change my path in life. I handle situations differently and have become more at ease with the world I live in. She has offered options to challenge my thoughts, to look at what is and ask the questions for me to make my own choice. I have increased my self-esteem and my feeling of worthiness while working with her. I would highly recommend Lorraine as a coach.


Michelle M.





Mary Schechter, of The Intuitive Organization, is a true professional.


Her trainings are on target for today’s diverse workforce. 

Continuing Education at JCC contracts regularly with Mary to provide a diverse schedule of trainings for the area’s workforce to attend. Topics are focused on soft skills, leadership skills, and better ways to communicate with both external and internal audiences. Her trainings are well received by our customers. In fact, one person recently wrote, “I am better for experiencing this class. Loved the interaction and hearing from others about their experiences. Mary was wonderful. I am looking forward to future trainings with her.” Mary shows interest in the needs of our organization from start to finish. I would recommend her to your organization for future trainings. 


Andrea Pedrick, Director of Community Services

Continuing Education Division

Jefferson Community College

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