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Leadership Institute

The Integrated 

Leadership Institute ®




Our ten-module intensive provided on- or off-site, delivers a total of 80 hours of instruction (10 days of 8 hour instruction) as two tiers of applied learning. We provide a holistic approach which spans the broad concerns of self-discovery through the highly defined skills of goal-setting.


Each module teaches best practices. Our method is sequenced to first introduce a topic area. Next, we integrate the “lessons learned” at an individual level, focusing on self-awareness and self-management. The second step is to take that increased self-control and flexibility of choice to group settings, assisting participants to develop skill sets relating to groups and group-related management.


Activities are designed for pairs, triads and small groups in the form of discussion, problem-solving, team building, cross communication- in a fun and interactive format. Emphasis is placed upon independence and overcoming “comfort zones”,  as leaders are encouraged to step through internal barriers to their own achievement. 


We believe that leadership requires having a vision and the ability to carry out that vision. Your ability to demonstrate a “better way” to your subordinates is directly connected to your ability to know yourself: your values, beliefs, skills and abilities. These all create the picture of who you are now and what you are capable of becoming. As an enhanced role model, your employees will be more apt to follow in your footsteps. 



The SELF- Discovering, Developing and Designing Your Unique Leadership Legacy


Emotional Intelligence accounts for 90% of today’s leadership success. EQ can be developed and harnessed as a skill. Whether you are a natural or are just embracing the new reality that requires us to lead forward with interpersonal acumen, this workshop will offer a base-line from which to build your EQ know-how.

Intrapersonal Awareness

·         Hardwiring Behavior and Managing the Urge to Act

·         Your Brain Chemistry and Habitual Thinking/Reacting

·         Reading Your Physical Cues- Fear And Freedom

·         What Is Congruence & How Do I Use it as a Leadership Tool?


Interpersonal Acumen

·         Developing Your Power of Observation

·         Reading Body Language and Micro-Expressions

·         Identifying Personal Triggers  and Alternative Choices

·         Leveraging Choice Points to Increase Personal Flexibility




The COMMUNITY- Creating Intentional Community That Works at Work

Creating Community

·         Creating Intentional Community and 6 C’s of Leadership

·         Role Modeling- When, How and Where to Leverage your Professional Example for Maximum Impact

·         EQ Leader Checklist – Inauguration of your New Power 

·         Language of EQ Leader-  What & Why- When & How- Who & Why

·         Leading Individuals to Group Breakthroughs – 6 steps

Image by Brooke Cagle
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"Really knows her material….she kept the seminar moving and everyone involved throughout day…anxious to see her again as she is an outstanding facilitator…."

Hutchings Psychiatric Center

When asked how seminars could be improved in the area of working with difficult clients, one participant shares…I do not see how it can (be improved at this point) Mary is an excellent trainer, she is open to suggestion and allows for expanding on situations to maximize learning when needed. Thanks Mary!

- -New York State Department of Labor

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