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Workplace Wisdom 

Mary Schechter


The ONE Thing The Body Will Never Do

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to completely "suppress" the physical signs of disappointment, a shy reaction, or a smile when you might least expect it?

  • Have you ever wondered why you might have a strong physical reaction, such as sweating, stammering, or just not thinking clearly, when called upon at a large public meeting and you are not prepared?

  • Have you ever noticed that someone avoids your direct gaze when you ask a direct question, casting their eyes to the floor, or suddenly finding something else to "look at" instead of answering you?

If you say YES! to any of these, then you have experienced the ONE thing the physical body cannot and will not do....that is LIE.


Because the limbic brain, which is the part of the brain which ' reacts to the world around us reflexively and instantaneously, in real time, and with without thought', gives off 'true information' from the environment. ..."uniquely responsible for our survival, the limbic brain does not take breaks. It is always on. This part of our brain structure is our emotional center. It is from there that signals go out to various other parts of the brain, which in turn orchestrate our behavior as they relate to emotions OR OUR SURVIVAL."

"The behaviors can be decoded and observed as they manifest physically in our feet, torso, arms hands and faces. Since these reactions occur WITHOUT THOUGHT, unlike words, they are genuine. Thus, the limbic brain is considered the "honest brain" when we think of nonverbal behavior."


Ok, so what is the bottom line here?

· Remember, when we "feel" threatened in any way, even at a level below our conscious awareness, the body will react by moving into a freeze, flight or fight reaction!

· Do you know your body's signals that you are moving into one of these states?

If you do, you have taken the first step toward emotional intelligence- KNOW THYSELF.


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