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Workplace Wisdom 

Mary Schechter


Why Being Likeable Is Your Ticket To Promotional Success

Do you know that others will remember how they "feel" around you before they remember what action you took or words you used?

The human experience will anchor back to a feeling state in the process of recall before a visual, auditory (pictures or sounds) will emerge in memory. In other words, people, including co-workers, subordinates, superiors, vendors and customers will associate an experience with you that will answer the question- " Do I like this person?"


How Can I Be More Likeable?

Put your technology away and give your full attention to the other person when they are asking for it. Eye contact and truly being present to someone costs nothing except a moment of your time.

Find one thing about the "other" that you can accept or even "like" about them. It does not mean you have to share their politics, religious beliefs or be their best friend; it only asks you to move into objectivity long enough to see one aspect of them that you can appreciate.

Finally, take time to acknowledge the "other" when they have performed well. This could be a small compliment or a big one. It could come unexpectedly or in a public forum. As human beiings, we focus on what is missing all to often instead of refocusing our attention on what is working or appreciated in our fellow employees.


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