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Workplace Wisdom 

Mary Schechter


Who Are You Listening To?

I ask you to choose the best version of you over the wishes, demands and unrealistic requirements of something or someone else. To do so means you abandon yourself and your unique place in the world. To do so, means that you will, as Judy Garland said, ‘ Be a second-rate version of someone else rather that a first-rate version of yourself.’

So, if you are reading these words and asking yourself where to begin, focus on these three points:

Your body is constantly giving you information that you can choose to ignore or heed.

Your body has an innate integrity which is directly linked to the mind. What this means to you is when you choose to listen to that inner knowing, that inner voice, you are EQUIPPED to make the decisions which are right for you- not 10%, or 30% or even 70% of the time, but 100% of the time.

When you are making the correct decision in any given moment, IT FEELS GOOD. The body acts in synergy and effortless harmony with the mind to produce stress-releasing hormones. Those hormones cascade throughout your physical being, signaling that you are in personal alignment. The mind and body are forever and intimately connected.

The primary reason people fall short of their hopes and dreams is that they choose to ignore the most powerful GPS they have- their inner voice that comes in the form of “feeling good” in your body.

Take the first courageous step today. Begin listening to that inner voice. It will never let you down!


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