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Workplace Wisdom 

Mary Schechter


Are You Ready For 2023? Navigating Your New Normal

If you've survived the last three years then I say congratulations to you.

like so many others, the past three years have turned my world upside down.

I have been learning how to navigate what I call the "new normal" and bringing it to the companies I work with.

Here is what you can prepare for.


Workplace Wisdom

What I am hearing, seeing and experiencing with my leaders is emotional exhaustion, uncertainty about the economy, institutional fragility and the demotivation, attitude of entitlement, revaluing priorities and end of self-sacrificing which follows.

We have entered new territory in the workplace. These are challenging times.

What I See Ahead

What so many have shared with me, is life these days often feels like what the Chinese refer to as

" death by a thousand cuts" - small, nearly imperceptible changes that have a way of subtly shifting perspective, altering our behavior, causing us to question ourselves in ways that are uncomfortable.

In the face of uncertainty, there are those who are paving a new path in the workplace and in life. I have decided that what I can do is to share the many insights that have come as a result of working with those leaders and employees who are navigating with success. My observations and work with those who continue to find ways to not only survive times of great uncertainty but thrive, are worth telling.

So, I plan to shout out on a regular basis my thoughts on those inspirational, practical, real-time choices that are being made everyday. They are reasons to celebrate the resilience of the human condition. Whether you are looking for a thin thread of sanity for yourself or you have a department to run, my intention is to bring it down to the micro-level so that you can pay it forward to those you know and love.

Think ahead and know this. How successfully you navigate the new normal rests in how well prepared you are for its challenges. If we have learned anything from the last few years, it is to step into our own lives with a renewed sense of urgency, intention and clarity. It begins with you and each choice you make.

Here are a few samples of what you can look forward to in 2023

Likeability: A Major Force Of Your Success

Mary Schechter

Leadership & Performance Coach

Certified MPNLP, CHt, Women's Empowerment Workshops


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