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creating workplace community

one choice at a time

Article Topic

Increasing Accountabililty

Civility in the Workplace

Body Language Basics

3 Defensive Body Language Postures

Three Ways To Shift Your Mood

Email Wars

Behavioral Styles: Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive 

Tough Conversations

Adding Value

Shifting from Victim to Victorious

She's Not Talking to Me- Why?

Creating Trust and Resilience

Working with Difficult People

Delegation Techniques

Personal Ethics

Setting Expectations

Transitioning from Peer to Leader

Redirecting Gossip and Sabotage

Facilitating Meetings Effectively

De-Stressing at Work

Upending Us versus Them Mentalities

Performance Improvement Coaching


Comparing Yourself To Others

Compassion in the Workplace

Assumption Making

and more

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